Outrageous Comments Reveal True Purpose of “Education”

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Our friend Kim Morin did a great job of outlining the outrage over the statements made by a school teacher at last night’s Common Core forum here: Private school teacher cites “White Privilege” as reason for Common core in NH

“The opponents brought up facts about Common Core that are well-known by now: kids aren’t developmentally ready at certain ages; the math is sub-standard for any type of advancement in science and math; it does not promote college readiness unless to a 2-year college. Probably the most disturbing part about the debate was the closing arguments at the end. A teacher at a private school, Dr. Pook, actually argued that Common Core was necessary due to his “White Privilege”.”

At least they are finally not trying to hide the purpose of education — social engineering.

Girard at Large also covered the forum. You can hear the whole debate here.

Here are some selected clips.