Duncan Appointed Despite Controversial Past

CONCORD — Bill Duncan will take his seat on the state Board of Education, despite an aggressive lobbying campaign against his appointment by charter school advocates, home-schoolers, Common Core opponents and the state Republican Party.

The Executive Council on Thursday confirmed Duncan in a 3-2 vote along party lines, with Democratic councilors Chris Pappas of Manchester, (the deciding vote) Debora Pignatelli of Nashua, and Colin Van Ostern of Concord supporting Gov. Maggie Hassan’s nomination of the education activist and former Executive Council candidate.

Unlike Duncan who supports Common Core, his opponents are actually the true “champions” of the public schools because they are for getting the corporations and foundations OUT OF THEM.

He is only too willing to hand educational matters over, illegally, to the feds and their corporate partners.

By claiming support of Charter Schools, Duncan is seen as a hypocrite when he promotes “public” education. Charters are corporately run but still use taxpayer dollars, and are still subject to state and federal rules. At the same time he claims to be for “public” education, he is in fact, supporting Bill Gates, Pearson and other corporate foundations and NGOs that have tried to set the standards and methods for teaching, and are getting wealthy from the monopoly while illegally data mining our children.

Most constitutional scholars, and we agree, challenge the idea that state school board itself is even a legal body under the NH constitution.

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