Competency-Based Education: a Bait and Switch Lobbying Effort Designed to Transform Public Education

The NH Legislature had no clue that they were opening Pandora’s box when they passed Senate Bill 48, last year. It barely mentioned “Competencies” or “Competency-based” instruction:

V. Competency-based strategies provide flexibility in the way that credit can be earned and awarded and provide students with personalized learning, including those that are offered through on-line, blended, and community based opportunities.

I-a. “Competencies” means student learning targets that represent key content-specific concepts, skills, and knowledge applied within or across content domains.

Senate Education Chair Nancy Stiles, the prime sponsor of this legislation, never told her fellow Legislators that all instruction in public schools moving forward would be transformed into Competency-based instruction and that the existing methods of instruction must be eliminated — based solely upon an 18-word definition of the term “Competencies.”

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