What About Those Kooky Assessments?

by D. Niwa

Many of the problems in education — connected to instructional standards, assessments, methods, etc.(and including “Common Core” initiatives) — can be tracked back to the information you will learn about in these two videos:

“Brain Research” (2013) by Jeannie Georges of Indiana

Jeannie discusses the process of “outcome-based education” (OBE), as well as those involved with slipping OBE into the school system nationwide.


“The End Game [of Assessment]” (2013) by Anita B. Hoge of Pennsylvania

Anita Hoge “filed a federal complaint against the Pennsylvania Department of Education” regarding the EQA (Educational Quality Assessment). Administered to Pennsylvania students, the EQA measured the “attitude, values, and opinions” of children and was a model “for measuring the attitude and values for… world citizenship.” The EQA was also used as the model for the NAEP (National Assessment for Educational Progress).

Info in Anita’s presentation may also be found at her website: